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When you are in need of quick garage door opener repair in Calgary, simply turn to our experts. Automatic garage door openers provide a lot of conveniences. Openers assist the door to perform its function of opening and closing automatically. Automatic door openers are proving to be a reliable source for the security of your home, vehicle and other valuable property.

Our technicians in Calgary deliver installation and repair services of openers of all the brands including Wayne Dalton, Chamberlain, Genie and many more. Besides openers, the Calgary Garage Door firm also offers you many other garage door spare parts and accessories at reasonable prices.

How Our Professionals Help you Choose the Perfect Garage Door Opener?

Homeowners are bewildered at the sheer number of options for openers. There are various brands and models to select from making the decision highly complex. Our technicians analyze the choices and suggest the right opener. Here’s how we proceed with selecting openers:

Type of Drive by which Garage Door Opener
usually featured

  • Chain-drive Openers – These are the most preferred type of openers. It is also considered to be the most primitive among the three but still offer good value for money. A chain assists the door for its upward and downward movement. The metal chain can be highly noisy.
  • Belt-drive Openers – Belt drive openers are constructed similar to the chain drive openers. And the main difference lies in the use of belt instead of metal chain. The use of belt helps the operation to be quieter and much more efficient comparatively.
  • Screw-Drive Openers – These openers stand somewhere in the middle of above-mentioned openers in terms of price. In this type, there are less moving parts which make the operation of the door very quietly. Screw drive openers are easy to install and are low on maintenance.

Why Calgary Garage Doors are to be Preferred?

We, at Calgary Garage Door services, aim to deliver our attention to detail and professional servicing with full commitment. Our proficient technicians have consistently set new standards in the field of garage door opener replacement, installation, and repair. Our talented technicians provide high-quality same day service.

We also give proper guidelines as usually homeowners get perplexed at the availability of a number of options for openers. There are so many brands and models which keep the person confused while making a decision. Our technicians analyze the choices, their budget, and their home architecture and then suggest the right opener.

Call us now and schedule an appointment for garage door opener repair Calgary today.