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Garage Door Spring Repair Calgary

If you want the best garage door spring repair Calgary has to offer, you have come to the right place. Garage doors are considered to be the most vital part of Canadian residences since decades. With the passage of time, many changes occurred with the advancement of technology. With the variation in designs and materials, many other technical changes took place that has significantly improved functioning of garage doors. It comprises of numerous elements that play vital role in overall operation of a door and springs are one such crucial element.

Door springs are the most imperative part of the operation. We, at Calgary Garage Doors, undertake a wide range of garage door spring repair and replacement services. Our proficient experts perform torsion and extension spring repair and replacement with high safety standards.

Springs are the Spinal Cord of Garage Doors

Springs execute all-important functioning of lifting and closing your garage door. Extension springs contain a lot of tension when the door is in the down position. So, if you want to repair them, your door has to be held high to lower tension.

Both types of spring – Extension and Torsion, are mounted on sectional doors. It is really difficult to repair these springs because of long cable and pulley arrangement. So, it is suggested to hire a professional to repair these springs due to the high force stored in the springs.

Types of Garage Door Springs – Extension vs. Torsion

  • Extension Spring – Extension springs are attached at the upper side of the door. These springs assist the door in dropping down with ease. It is quite difficult to maintain these springs on your own as you will never want your door to bang on the floor. You need to inspect these springs regularly. On finding garage door imbalanced, you are advised to call Calgary garage door technician experts for immediate assistance.
  • Torsion Spring – Torsion springs are mounted above the closed door. In lightweight models, there is need of only one torsion spring. Whereas, in heavier doors, two springs are required. Two springs offer more safety. In case one breaks, another one protects the door from falling.

If your door is performing with only one spring, you need to be more careful. If you heard any weird sound or the door is taking a lot of efforts, it is recommended to call an expert immediately for garage door repair and replacement service.

Why Calgary Garage Doors is Worth Dialling?

Calgary garage door technicians are experienced and are ready to undertake any kind of garage door tasks efficiently. To get immediate assistance call us anytime – 24X7. Our experts are just a call away from your doorstep to fix the problem. We deliver services which suit our client’s budget. Our highly skilled professionals render excellent garage door repair, installation, replacement and maintenance services across Calgary.

Avoid undertaking spring replacement by yourself.

Make a Call to garage door repair professionals for instant repair solutions.